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Scooter News

  • Second-generation AK550 maxi scooter

    In late 2021, Kymco unveiled a raft of electronic updates to the second generation of its award-winning AK550 maxi scooter.   The AK550,......

  • Broaden horizons with the new DT X360

    Kymco’s DT X360 adventure crossover scooter has arrived in Australia, based on the excellent Downtown 350i platform but with the wherewithal to take......

  • Tips for 4WD and diff lock use

    Have you ever been on the farm or bush and confronted with a massive bog hole or gnarly tree-rooted clay-ridden rutted ascent? Without......

  • Agility RS125: $3290 ride away until March 31, 2022

    Kymco Australia has launched a national ride away promotion for the Agility RS125 – the all-in-one urban scooter with delivery-friendly features such as......