Introducing The New Xciting S 400i Maxi Scooter


KYMCO Xciting S 400i sports tourer


KYMCO Australia welcomes the new Xciting S 400i, the next generation in maxi scooters from KYMCO.


In every aspect KYMCO has pushed the boundaries on the concept of sports touring. Best in class power with ground breaking engine development, agile handling with stronger chassis design, plenty of tech with Noodoe – smart phone integration, modern edgy design and loaded with all the luxuries that you would expect from a maxi scooter.


With a big emphasis on sports touring, KYMCO focused on engine development to achieve the title of most powerful in its class. The Xciting has a true 400cc engine that makes 26.5kW @ 7500rpm. The engine is the perfect balance of power and refinement producing a seamless and smooth power delivery, great for spirited touring. Down low amongst city congestion the engine has plenty of acceleration at hand to zip through the weekly commute.


To further enhance the scooters handling and high speed stability KYMCO engineers redesigned the way the engine links to the frame and added strength to the double clamp between the frame and fork, a design usually seen on much larger motorcycles. The results provide a more dynamic handling experience and an increase in high speed stability when on the open road.



The Xciting is the third model in Australia to feature KYMCO’s smart Noodoe dashboard technology. It is an interactive dash that connects your smart phone to the scooter, provides smart navigation, has a customisable dash display, allows the rider to create their very own display and share through the Noodoe cloud – an online social community.


Added luxuries of the sports tourer include large 280mm twin front hydraulic disc brakes, Bosch 9.1 ABS braking system, five way adjustable sports touring screen, heated handgrips, electric auto locking glove box compartments, two stage under seat storage and 5 way adjustable preload shock absorbers just to highlight a few.



The Xciting S 400i will arrive at your local KYMCO Scooter Dealer in November and has a RRP of $8,990 plus on road costs. Available in one colour Matte Deep Blue and supported by a KYMCO’s 3-year factory warranty program.


The Xciting sits right in between the flagship 50th Anniversary AK550 and the Downtown 350i a true allrounder in the KYMCO scooter range. What sets the Xciting apart is its focus on sports touring like the AK550, yet at a much sharper price point.


For further information on KYMCO’s Xciting S 400i, get in contact with your nearest KYMCO Scooter Dealer or head to the KYMCO Australia website



  • 400cc, single cylinder EFi 4-valve 4-stroke engine boasting best in class performance with 26.5kW of power
  • KYMCO’s Noodoe smart phone interactive dashboard technology
  • Twin front hydraulic disc brakes with large 280mm discs for excellent stopping power
  • Bosch 9.1 ABS braking system
  • Twin rear shock absorbers with 5 levels of preload adjustment
  • Sports touring screen with 5 levels of adjustability
  • LED headlight with daytime running light and futuristic LED taillight
  • Two electric auto-locking glove boxes with 12 volt charging port
  • Two stage seat-opening design with plenty of storage
  • 5 stage heated grips
  • 805mm seat height
  • Wheel size -15 inch front and 14 inch rear
  • Pillion foot rests
  • Rear wheel lock/park brake
  • 3 year factory warranty
  • Available in Matte Deep Blue


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