Welcome to the future, KYMCO IONEX

Our mission is to create personal vehicles that win the hearts of consumers all over the world. Ionex marks the beginning of the new era of electric scooters with its innovative vehicle designs and open energy platform. Ionex is a game-changing electric solution that eliminates all barriers to go green.


Head-turning cool

The Ionex battery is compact and stylish at less than 5KG. It is effortless to carry and features specially designed handle, so two batteries can be carried with one hand. The under-floor battery placement helps the electric scooter achieve its lowest center of gravity possible. At the same time this architecture also offers the largest under seat storage ever.

Never wait for charging

Every Ionex scooter has an internal core battery. When riders charge their removable battery, the scooter uses the internal core battery as the power source to continue to operate. Later, they can simply pick up the fully charged removable battery at their convenience.


While the world experiments with unattainable charging solutions, Ionex is zero wait.

Home Charge

Home is where the riders’ journey ends each day. Once they return home, they no longer want to go anywhere. In short, home is everyone’s best everyday charging station. Therefore, Ionex made home charging a delightful experience. Ionex ensures your mornings always start with full charge to cover your entire day

Charge Point Network

Occasionally riders want to recharge during the day. Ionex offers an extensive Charge Point Network. At Charge Points, riders can hand over their battery to have it charged. Most Charge Points can fully charge a battery in less than an hour. One hour is a blink when they can go about their business without wait.

Extra Battery Rental

Once in a while, riders may need longer range when they travel. Ionex offers Extra Battery Rental. When starting a long journey, riders simply rent extra batteries for the trip. Every KYMCO Ionex scooter is designed with under-seat storage that accommodates three additional batteries. Hence, the maximum range is an astonishing 200 km.

Power Outlet Network

To completely eliminate any range anxiety, Ionex offers the Power Outlet Network. These are the locations where riders can use their public outlets to charge their battery. KYMCO has designed the charger to be easily portable and to fit nicely in the scooter. Wherever riders go, they can always count on these most widely available power sources.