KYMCO reveals awesome foursome

KYMCO sparks post-pandemic excitement with all-new scooter models ready to re-energise riders


GET ready for post-pandemic excitement as KYMCO unveils four all-new scooter models bound to re-energise riders, headlined by the strikingly sporty F9 – the world’s first electric motorcycle equipped with a two-speed automatic transmission.


The KYMCO F9, DT X360 adventure maxi-crossover, compact KRV and CV3 leaning multi-wheel scooter will arrive to Australian showrooms as they become available later next year


A cool, urban electric motorcycle, the KYMCO F9 is equipped with a 9.4kW motor and designed for enthusiastic street riding. It accelerates from 0 to 50km/h in three seconds, onto a top speed of 110km/h. A 96V 40Ah battery provides a range of 120km under the New European Driving Cycle. With fast charging, it takes only two hours to fully charge the battery.



Furthermore, the F9 features the world’s first two-speed automatic transmission, which has been specifically designed for electric motorcycles to improve power delivery and motor efficiency.


It also employs a unique chassis design that integrates the battery as part of the frame structure for additional torsional rigidity, thus enhancing agility. Combined with 14-inch wheels, high-grip tyres and an incredible light weight of just 107kg, the F9 has been designed and engineered as an extremely fun-to-ride motorcycle.


“Electric is one of the most significant transformations of modern transportation. From consumers, business to governments, more people are embracing electric vehicles to make our cities greener and the world a better place. However, while numerous electric motorcycles have been launched, few have been greeted with great enthusiasm by the market,” KYMCO Group chairman Allen Ko says.


“The challenge lies in the fact that most electric motorcycles do not excite. The mere electric powertrain as the only differentiation has proven insufficient to significantly advance the green movement. The KYMCO F9 is going to change that. This has been designed to provide the sensational riding experiences that change people’s perceptions on electric motorcycles.”


The KYMCO DT X360 features the upright proportions and front mudguard that characterise the spirit of a dual-sport motorcycle. The adventure maxi-crossover also has a wider handlebar for easy steering on uneven surfaces and a higher (800mm) seating position to improve rider visibility. The lightweight wheels and adventure-oriented tyres further enhance its capability to conquer rough surfaces.



The DT X360 is powered by a 320cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that produces 21.2kW of power at 7250rpm and 30Nm of torque at 5750rpm. Other technical highlights include a 12.5-litre fuel capacity, a 194kg curb weight and 14/13-inch wheels front/rear respectively.


“Many people believe scooters are only meant to be for city mobility. They also assume scooter riders just want to use their vehicles as part of their everyday urban routine. Underneath the surface lie urban riders’ unfulfilled quests to occasionally get out of their comfort zone and expand their horizons in all directions,” KYMCO Group chairman Allen Ko says.


Meet the world’s first compact scooter to feature an independent swingarm for unrivalled sport riding capability: the KYMCO KRV.



Compact scooters are a predominant form of personal transportation in many countries thanks to their agility, efficiency, versatility and ease of use. The KYMCO KRV ups the ante with abundant comfort, convenience, handling, and performance as well as features including ABS, traction control, LED lighting and a keyless system as standard.


The KRV features an independent swingarm derived from KYMCO’s flagship AK 550 maxi-scooter. This allows a lower centre of gravity, optimum weight balance as well as a premium ride quality and maximum cornering capability. Furthermore, the KRV’s flat-floor body design allows an optimal riding position for spirited rides and long journeys, while the scooter’s suspension is tuned to suit solo and two-up riding.


Powering the KYMCO KRV is a newly-developed 175cc four-valve liquid-cooled engine that provides strong and smooth power delivery, which is delivered via belt drive to the rear wheel for a quiet and low-maintenance ownership experience.


“The KYMCO F9, DT X360 and KRV all come with innovations that stir senses, intensify emotions and excite riders,” KYMCO Group chairman Allen Ko says. “As we continue to create personal vehicles that win the hearts of consumers all over the world, now, it’s time to excite!”


Revealed at EICMA in 2017 in concept guise to great acclaim, now a production reality: meet the KYMCO CV3 leaning multi-wheel scooter which, thanks to its superior stability, can be ridden on a car licence in several European markets, thus proving extremely popular.



The CV3 is powered by a 550cc parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine that generates 38kW (51hp) of power at 7500rpm and 53Nm of torque at 5750rpm.


In addition to the unique front wheel architecture, the KYMCO CV3 also features ABS; traction control; cruise control, full LED lighting and dash; keyless ignition system, and a large-capacity underseat storage compartment.