Taiwan’s KYMCO, a global leader in scooters, all-terrain and side-by-side utility vehicles, is set to shake up the Australian market with the appointment of Mojo Motorcycles as their distributor.


The new relationship has generated a great deal of interest as the two organisations prepare to introduce a fresh product line-up in 2016.


Mojo Motorcycles Director, Michael Poynton, was thrilled by the announcement and is confident the new line-up will sit perfectly with Australian customers.


“KYMCO is a terrific fit for our business. We’re a dynamic and progressive company, and KYMCO is going to really disrupt our established competitors by injecting a new level of activity and energy into the market.


“KYMCO’s steadfast reputation for quality, great features and value for money is sure to strike a chord with Aussie riders and provide a real alternative choice.”


KYMCO was founded more than 50 years ago and according to Poynton, the company has been deeply influenced by Japan’s Honda Corporation.


“The Japanese have been partners with KYMCO since the beginning and have really driven a terrific level of quality into the manufacturing process. You’d go a long way to match KYMCO’s build quality.”


Poynton said KYMCO built more than 1.2 million vehicles a year, producing most of its own components.


“Where other manufacturers tend to shop around Asia sourcing parts and components from different suppliers, most of the parts on a KYMCO are produced by KYMCO itself,” he said.


The Taiwanese company also manufactures engines for BMW Motorcycles and components for other manufacturers.


“The fact an organisation like BMW is more than comfortable to put their quality reputation in the hands of KYMCO really speaks volumes,” noted Poynton.


KYMCO President, Chun-Ping Ko was equally enthusiastic about the new Australian partnership.


“It’s terrific to head into 2016 with a renewed focus and determination in the Australian market.


“Australia is one of the most important opportunities for KYMCO as we extend our reach as a global brand and this new partnership with Mojo Motorcycles will really focus our efforts,” he said.


Advanced shipments of model year 2016 KYMCO scooters, all-terrain and side-by-side utility vehicles will arrive in Australia in mid-November while announcements for the exact model range and pricing will be revealed shortly.


Warranties for existing KYMCO customers will be unaffected by the announcement and customers will soon enjoy unequalled access to parts and service as the dealer network is also set to expand.