Second-generation AK550 maxi scooter

In late 2021, Kymco unveiled a raft of electronic updates to the second generation of its award-winning AK550 maxi scooter.


The AK550, which first went on sale in Australia in late 2017 with a superbly engineered sports-leaning take on the maxi theme, has now been updated with a ride-by-wire throttle, cruise control, traction control, cornering ABS, an electronically adjustable screen and an upgraded daytime running light. The AK550 also has multiple power modes.



Heated grips are also standard fitment, while the central circular display houses the interactive and smartphone-activated Noodee entertainment and navigation system. The instrumentation is now brighter and with a much higher definition.


The AK550’s keyless start remains, but the starter button has now been replaced by a central ignition button – positioned in a new centre console reserved for the most frequent bike functions – that also automatically unlocks the electric steering lock. The console, with its ‘piano-like’ keys, also operates the fuel cap, opens the seat and provides mileage updates.


The AK550’s 550cc twin-cylinder engine now complies with Euro 5 emission standards, with peak power rated at 53hp (39.9kW).


The sporting flair continues with the aluminium frame, 15-inch aluminium wheels, 41mm upside-down forks and twin Brembo calipers, while the Bosch ABS now includes the aforementioned cornering function.


As well as maintaining its exceptional corner-carving, handling and stopping halo, the AK550 has also upped its touring credentials with enhanced wind protection via a revised bodywork and a taller screen, and the seat is also cushier and more comfortable – just the ticket for long-haul rides.


Price and availability for the updated AK550 are yet to be announced.